What to Wear to A Wedding as a Guest

Styled By Susie Shares Some Great Tips on What to Wear (or not!)

Susie (and no, I don’t mean me!) has been a great resource to me over the years and I am a big fan of hers. I have been lucky to experience the ‘Styled By Susie’ shopping experience including outfits for weddings as a Wedding Planner as well as attending a wedding.

So, I won’t delay it any further….over to you Susie…..

I have been a stylist for 7 years and have helped many clients with their wedding outfits. Whether you are a mother of the bride, mother of the groom or wedding guest, it’s important to follow a certain etiquette, out of respect to the bride and groom.

Here are some important rules and guidelines you may find helpful when you are choosing that all important outfit.

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It’s a wedding, not a nightclub.

Just because a wedding isn’t taking place in a church, does not mean you should dress inappropriately. This is not the time to wear a dress that would be best suited to a nightclub. If your dress is strappy, ensure you wear a little jacket during the ceremony. You can then take it off when the formalities are over, the drinks are flowing and everything relaxes a little.

Never Wear White

I am still shocked at how many ladies wear white to weddings. In a group photo, the only white you should see is the bride! White does feature a lot in spring and summer occasionwear, so it can be hard to get away from it. Unless a white dress is heavily patterned, save your beautiful white dress for the races instead.

Always Dress From The Feet Up

Pre shop, it’s integral for me to have a consultation with my client to discuss the outfit. The first question I ask is always “what shoes can you walk in?”. There’s no point in choosing an amazing, figure hugging dress, if my client can only wear completely flat shoes (which will ruin the look). 

If you can only wear flats, it’s best to look for maxi styles or even a jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are perfectly acceptable for weddings and can look smarter than many dresses. They are ideal if you would prefer not to wear a heel.

Once you have decided on the shoe that you can comfortably wear, you can plan the rest of the outfit, and make life simpler!

Mother of the Bride? Mother of the Groom? Find out the colour scheme!

While I encourage individuality in my clients, I also think it’s important to respect the bride and groom’s day. If they have gone for neutral, soft colours with the bridesmaids and flowers, they might prefer that you shy away from a bright orange outfit! 

By all means, wear a bright colour, but try to ensure it blends well with the colour scheme. This will ensure the all-important group/family photos harmonise.

Fascinator? Go Big or Go Home.

If there’s a choice between a hat or a fascinator, I always advise going for a fascinator. They are more practical because they won’t get knocked around every time a guest kisses you on the cheek, and you won’t get hat hair either. 

However, a really small fascinator can look, sadly, like roadkill and if you’re going to wear one, it’s important to make it a feature. Decide how you are having your hair, and then you can plan the fascinator around it. Fascinators on headbands are more likely to stay in place than on a comb.

A Clutch Bag Helps Your Nerves!

Weddings can be an exciting time, but they can make many of us feel anxious. You might be anxious because you don’t know any other guests, your ex-boyfriend from 10 years ago might be there, or you may be a mother of the bride who feels terrified about all eyes being on her before the ceremony! 

A clutch bag can really help your jitters. The reason so many of my clients love an outfit with pockets, is because it gives us something to do with our hands when we are nervous, and feel a bit ‘awkward’. Holding a clutch bag gives you something to do with your hands, particularly when you’re posing for photos or talking to guests.

Most clutch bags come with a strap that fits neatly inside, so when you are feeling less nervous, you can pop it over your shoulder and have your hands free for canapes and champers.

Confidence and Comfort Are Key.

When I look at red carpet photos, I can spot the celebrities who have been persuaded into an outfit they’re not keen on! 

If a client of mine is not 100% sure about her occasionwear, I always discourage her from buying it (even if I love it).

It’s important to feel comfortable because you will exude confidence. If you don’t usually wear heels, don’t go for a cheap stiletto heel from Primark which will give you back ache, have a slippery sole and make you walk like you’re on the Moon for the first time!

Instead, choose a more supportive heel, such as a wedge, block heel or kitten heel. If you really would rather wear flats, go for a jumpsuit or maxi dress.

Comfort equals confidence, which means you will enjoy the day more, chat to more people and enjoy the experience to its full potential.

If you’d like to find out a little more about Styled By Susie then do head over to her page here

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