The Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Sussex Wedding Planner

You may be part way through your wedding planning or perhaps you are newly engaged (congratulations by the way!) so welcome to Inspired By Susie Evans. You have come to the right place to find out my top ten tips on why hiring a Sussex wedding planner is the best thing you could do.

It can be so overwhelming, with friends and family members giving you ideas or telling you ways they think it should or shouldn’t be done and Pinterest boards being created all over the place meaning the wedding planning can become all a little daunting for you both.

Inspired By Susie Evans really wants to ensure the wedding planning experience is fun, friendly and enjoyable. Read on for my top tips on why you should hire a Sussex wedding planner…..


#1 Contacts

I already know the best suppliers in the industry having worked in the industry for nearly a decade plus I can do searches and checks with all of your chosen suppliers that you have in mind or booked already. I only deal with the most trusted and professional companies as I have to look after my own reputation too. You also have the reassurance that as a member of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners, I abide by a code of conduct which includes not taking commission from suppliers. All discounts are passed directly to my clients.

#2 Wedmin

Couples often find that the endless admin whether it be emails, phone calls or spreadsheets are all a little time consuming especially if you are working long hours or perhaps have a young family. I can take care of all of this allowing you more time to enjoy your engagement and looking forward to the big day!

#3 Location

Having always lived in Surrey and Sussex and planned a vast number of weddings in these counties, I know the top wedding venue locations and spaces. There will be plenty you have probably never even heard of. As well as finding the perfect location, I have a wide range of trusted suppliers that I rely on that suit your style and budget.

#4 Support

At Inspired By Susie Evans, I offer full support every step of the way. I will be on hand to advise and manage all aspects of your wedding planning including your wedding suppliers, venue, budgets, schedules right up until the end of your day. On the day, no matter what service you choose I will be there to help set up, liaise and meet with all the suppliers and ensure everything runs smoothly and on plan.

#5 The Detail

Wedding Planners are all about perfection. It takes a long time and a lot of hard work to organise the perfect wedding and I will think of all the extra little details that usually get overlooked. As well as ensuring it is an enjoyable experience, we work with you to bring your visions to life and everything you dreamed of.


#6 Contracts

A Wedding Planner can help you avoid costly mistakes and negotiate deals with your suppliers. I know what should and shouldn’t be in contracts and have a good handle on what things should cost. The amount of wedding suppliers out there is daunting and it’s my job to know who can give you the best prices and the best results.

#7 Budget

Budget is a key element that needs to be decided from the outset and ensuring it is a realistic one. Are you having a small intimate wedding or a large wedding at an exclusive venue? Make sure you are both happy with the decision and hiring a wedding planner will help you work within your budget and ensuring you have the best people in place to create the perfect day.

#8 Timings

I will look after all the logistics of the day by creating a detailed schedule and timeline whilst working closely with all your suppliers leaving you both to fully relax and enjoy the perfect day with close friends and family.

#9 Hiccups

Whilst I will do everything in my power to ensure a perfect day, sometimes there are slight hiccups on the day whether it be the portable toilets have run out of water or the cake topper has fallen off the cake! This is where I can manage and protect your peace of mind. You won’t know about it and the problems will be sorted.

#10 Experience

I am here to bring your visions to reality, to share your dreams and support you both throughout the wedding planning journey. As an experienced Sussex wedding planning covering Sussex, Surrey and beyond, I want nothing more than to help you create the perfect wedding day that you and your guests will treasure the memories for a lifetime.


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