Planning a Wedding in Surrey – An Essential Guide

Planning a Wedding in Surrey – My Top Tips

Although engagements happen at special occasions and dates throughout the year, it seems many celebrated an engagement over the holiday season. A big congrats to each and every one of you from me! There also seems to be lots of couples this year who perhaps have been engaged for some time but now looking to move forward with the their wedding plans.

Many of the couples I work with would like a wedding in Surrey whether this is in a marquee at their family home or perhaps an exclusive venue where they can create their perfect day. We are so lucky with weddings in Surrey and Sussex as there are so many choices for couples wanting to create that personal, exclusive wedding.


Wedding Planning Advice – Where to Start?

I often recommend my couples to pop over to Coco Wedding Venues initially as it has a whole host of fabulous quality venues for you to browse.

It can be so overwhelming at first and I am sure many of your friends and family members will be telling you their stories or offering advice. So, to help you at the start of your journey here are a couple of wedding planning tips to help you start on the right foot.

My Top 5 tips to Support You

  1. Most of all please try and enjoy your wedding planning. It really should be a happy and fun process. If you even start to feel overwhelmed, stressed or just lost then take time out. If things get delayed by a day, week or even a month then it really isn’t going to make the world stop turning and your wedding will still go ahead!
  2. Please do try and work out your budget from the outset. This will then make finding the venue, catering, flowers and so on so much easier. I always recommend that you have a budget planner and then you can work with this through the planning stages.
  3. As a couple, decide what your three top priorities are. For example is a church wedding top of your list? Is food an important element to your day? Would you rather a small intimate wedding or a large celebration? This means you can then prioritise your budget.
  4. Start looking for ideas and inspiration. Platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest are a great starting point. This will help you both decide of a design and feel for your day.
  5. Decide whether you’d like a professional wedding planner to help you plan your wedding. This will work really well for couples who perhaps are feeling very overwhelmed or maybe are just time poor and need someone who can guide them and support them on their journey. I have written some helpful guidelines on choosing a wedding planner over here.


Do You Need Some Extra Support Planning Your Wedding in Surrey?

If you would like some professional help for an experienced wedding planner to chat with about planning your marquee wedding at home  then please do get in touch. I specialises in planning marquee weddings across Sussex, Surrey and beyond A small number of examples of marquee weddings I have managed can be seen over here

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