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Let Me Tell You a Little More About Luxe Bride

This relationship started some time ago when I met Emma of Miss Bush as we found we have had mutual customers and I used The Chapel for my promotional video.  Miss Bush are not only my go to luxury bridal boutique; the team are just amazing and have a whole host of talent between them. The thing that really brings it home for me with Emma is something that is pretty special and that is her drive, passion and desire to support the best around her. It is so evident in what has been created with Luxe Bride and so I was super excited when I was asked to collaborate and help bring the Luxe Bride – Digital School event together!


About Luxe Bride

Here are a few words from Luxe Bride themselves…

Luxe Bride Boutiques and Luxe Brides are on the same page, we love Luxury and innovative Brands.

Our member Boutiques sell beautiful and out of the ordinary wedding outfits, we demand impeccable quality and we expect great provenance.

The member Boutiques offer the best shopping experiences out there and the best Wedding Dress Brands.

We have our own style and our own opinions. Our speciality is styling  the Luxe bride.

We know her, for she is us


I was honoured to be part of the team to help work behind the scenes looking after all things hospitality and styling at the first ever Luxe Bride Digital School event.


Collaboration Over Competition

You may have seen my previous write up from a recent ‘wear my heart on my sleeve’ kind of moment but this event was truly inspiring for me and everyone else involved. Having so many like minded, talented women in the same room all looking to grow, learn and ultimately support each other gave me an overwhelming rollercoaster of emotions. It is these light bulb moments that allows you to truly reflect on you as an individual and where you want to be in life.

Be Yourself – It Is a Happier Place

In an industry full of creatives, you strive to be the best. You are faced with daily competition and a wave of insecurities often hit you as the world of social media takes over your mind and thoughts. Well, do you know what? I am me, Susie Evans and I am going to be the best me there is as there is only one of me. I am not going to try and be someone else, do things the way social media tells me to do things or change my direction as that is what everyone else is doing. In the 10 years of working in this industry, I am proud of all I have achieved. Yes I have planned weddings for the rich and famous whether that be footballers, TV stars and beyond but what this has made me realise is that you need to stay true to yourself, work with those that are right for you and support all those that have the same ethos as you. It will all fit in to place and overall you will be in a much happier place.


Introducing New Relationships

It was also with great pleasure that I was able to introduce the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners to Luxe Bride and welcome founder, Bernadette Chapman to be a guest speaker at this event. The UKAWP is all about promoting professionalism, ethics and excellence and I am proud to be a member.


Here are a few words written by Luxe Bride cofounder and Miss Bush bridal boutique MD Emma Meek

Involving Susie in Digital School was a big ask. “Please juggle your life, clients and existing plans while I give you about six weeks to organise the styling and hospitality aspects of a first-of-a-kind bridal trade event.”

Leonie Lawmon, our beloved COO, and Susie immediately bonded over their shared love of a spreadsheet and neatly linear thought processes.

How am I so lucky that I get to meet and work with my opposites?  I love to bang the drum and flag wave for planners yet I am a widely regarded as a ‘right-brained’ type so why would I sub-contract creativity? Like planning a wedding, you can’t do everything. One needs to subcontract;  I couldn’t risk the delegate/guest experience of Digital School falling below a fearsomely high standard that I would rightly expect from an event being hosted by a company called ‘Luxe Bride.’

Being able to show the delegates ‘good planning’ in action means that in small, incremental steps, the Luxe Bride boutiques can start to reach out to find their own planner/s, to become cheerleaders for their profession and involve them in enhancing their own client’s experience. As we learned at Digital School “let others tell your story…”


A Two Day Event – Luxe Bride Digital School

You can read lots more about the 2 day course over here but from the keynote presentations, seminars, workshops, and one clinics, the world of digital marketing was taken to a whole new level. This is because as well as having the guest speakers and coaches providing some invaluable content, the room was filled with positive vibes and intentions. I just wish I was one of the actual attendees as my mind was blown away by so much of the content I saw. (in between ensuring all the attendees were being well catered and cared for in the background!)

Just Look At The Line Up of This Event!

Just look at the lineup of all the amazing speakers and coaches…

Emma Marshall – Miss Bush, Luxe Bride
Leonie Lawmon – Luxe Bride
Leah Spicer-Pownall – Miss Bush, Luxe BrideBridal Wise
Helen Howells – Luxe BrideHelen James Styling
Laura Drake – Fetcham Park, Laura Loves
Annabel Beeforth – Love My DressLittle Book For Brides
Polly Buckland – The Typeface Group
Alison Howe – Mad LiliesChapel Designers
Kat Molesworth – Kat MolesworthBlogtacular
Bernadette Chapman – Dream OccasionsUKAWP


As with any event I run with, there always has to be a dream team behind them as without these people the event would not have been the success it was…

Photography – Hayley Bray Photography
Planning and organisation – Inspired by Susie Evans
Flowers – Mad Lillies
Venue – Miss Bush
Catering – Four Gables Food
Glasswear and crockery hire – Couvert
Calligraphy – Paint and Ink Studio
Backdrop – iQ Digital House
AV hire, Torpedo

And last but not least, Lizzie from Dolly Dewdrops created this amazing insta worthy cake display for us. As well as this display, Lizzie created the cakes for day 2 and Luxe Bride branded biscuits for the goodie bags! These cakes tasted divine as well as looking absolutely stunning in The Chapel!


Also a shout out needs to go to Georgie of The Wedding Present Company who provided some lovely treats for the goodie bags but has also been a great contact for me this year. I absolute LOVE the offering they have so do pop over and have a look!

That’s a Wrap!

I could talk all day about this event as it was such a great success and I have made so many great contacts and new partnerships that I will always be grateful for. Thank you for believing in me and thank you to all the attendees that made me feel so welcome. You guys rock!

When looking for that perfect wedding dress, be sure to search for a luxury bridal boutique who are part of the Luxe Bride family. Not only do they offer impeccable quality, they are passionate about what they deliver working with high end designers.





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