How to Stay Sane Whilst Planning Your Wedding

When Wedding Planning Isn’t All You Imagined

So often we are all given the image that wedding planning is all happy, fun with plenty of sipping champagne and choosing your favourite blooms. Well, let me tell you something…take a moment to take a step back and take a reality check.

While planning a wedding is one of the most exciting and monumental periods in your life, it can also become one of the most stressful. Racked with major decisions, budget talk, venue choices and uncomfortable family dynamics to top it off. With the rise of Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat tempting you with picture perfect weddings all over social media, planning a wedding today is more demanding than it ever was before. But that doesn’t mean a couple should lose their sanity in the process.


Be Flexible in Your Wedding Planning

It is so easy to get bogged down and create an urgency with all aspects of your wedding planning with the daily demands you create for yourself.

You really need to focus on what is urgent versus what is important. As I mentioned before, if you feel it all building up and creating a weight on your shoulders then take a step back and write down a handful of things you value most in your life and focus on them. Focusing on what matters ensures you won’t have a taxing time over what colour ribbon to have on your napkins!

I cannot stress the importance of flexibility enough. So many have a very clear and precise vision of what they desire, but remaining flexible is key to reducing the expectancy and stress and finding some sanity and enjoyment in your wedding planning journey.

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Your Wedding Is Not All About You

Remember who you are marrying – it takes two to get married, so there are two of you that have to be considered when planning your wedding. Here is where flexibility comes in again; you are both important, and planning your wedding sets the tone and a precedent for many other ‘plannings’ to come in your future so don’t lose sight of that.

The wedding planning should bring you closer, making decisions together and help with learning to compromise.

I appreciate that sometime one of you is the driving force behind the wedding planning but please, take time to reflect and ensure you make important decisions together.

Give Your Plans a Reality Check

As well as being realistic, give your plans a reality check.  Are you really going to hand write in calligraphy all 130 place names?  Learning to be realistic can be tough but you have to be realistic in your wedding planning.

If this means you can’t have the extra special and intricate save the dates cards then it is ok, you have to make a decision on what is important for the day.


Take a Break From Wedding Planning

Chose to have wedding-free days otherwise the wedding planning is very good at hijacking every waking moment and conversation. Remember when your good friend was planning her wedding or maybe a family member? Do you remember those eye rolling moments? Come on, let’s be honest we have all done it! Focusing on things other than the wedding will help keep things in perspective.

This means not talking about the wedding and not trolling the Internet about weddings. Take time out and avoid any reference to the wedding…trust me, it will help keep you sane!

Get Some Help From a Professional Wedding Planner

Regardless of how simple or elaborate you are envisioning your day, planning out the logistics of such a special event will take time.

All the behind the scenes work such as updating guest details, RSVP’s, worrying about the weather, finalising order of the day with various timelines, liaising with suppliers for timings and logistics, ensuring all terms and conditions and contracts are in place can take away the fun and take up a lot of that planning time.

If you do decide to work with a wedding planner, ensure you’re on the same page. Ensuring they are a good listener, someone you can be confident sharing ideas with. Whilst creativity is important, all the less os glamorous jobs such as time management, organisation and budget planner are crucial. Having that connection is vital for that relationship to work.

Otherwise, don’t be afraid to ask for help from those close to you. Maybe ask the bridesmaids to organise the morning of the wedding such as breakfast and drinks or what about  a rehearsal the night before followed by a dinner? This could really help take those last minute stresses away from you.

If you’d like to chat further then please do get in contact. I will supply the coffee and cake if you’re lucky!

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