How to Choose the Right Wedding Planner

A Guide on How to Choose a Wedding Planner 

When choosing a wedding planner there are a number of things to consider and this one really is my top tip – when meeting with your wedding planner, are you comfortable with spending the next six, twelve or eighteen months talking to this person most days?

Your wedding planner will be with you on your wedding planning journey whether that be with regular face to face meetings, Skype, emails or phone calls. Through the years of experience I have gained, I have been right next to my clients when they are amidst a family disagreement on budgets or about which family members to invite or not. Often these involve tears, tantrums and plenty of laughter! That is why it is the upmost importance that you can feel comfortable and you can see yourself in these situations with your wedding planner by your side.


Connection and Experience is Key

You want to have a great connection and your personalities and style to fit. Do they understand your needs? Are they showing enthusiasm about your ideas and style?

Having a face to face appointment with your wedding planner is vital or a Skype call so you can fully engage with each other. Your wedding planner should be asking lots of questions as ultimately they will be helping you to polish and fine tune your vision, offer guidance expertise when needed and execute a wedding that exceeds your expectations and all that you dreamed about!



Do Your Homework on Your Wedding Planner

Have a look at a small number of wedding planners. Look through their online portfolios and galleries and read their reviews. Ask about the suppliers they work with as an experienced planner will be more than happy to share these details with you and will be able to reel off a whole host of contacts.


Ask Your Wedding Planner the Right Questions

Whether you have a face to face consultation or meet over Skype, I would highly recommend that you comprise a list of around five questions that are most important to you and help you gage if they are right for you.

Asking questions like What is the average price range of weddings you plan? What style of weddings to you specialise in? What will the overall planning timeline look like if we were to work with you? How often would we meet? How many weddings to you plan a year?

Discuss Fees Early On

I say this from experience…

Ultimately you want to ensure that the wedding planner you decide to work with is within your overall budget but also that the fee is sufficient for the wedding planner doing the job as you want to ensure they will do all they can to ensure it is the perfect day for you both. Remember that saying – You get what you pay for? Yep, that’s right! Remember experience, knowledge and great reviews are worth so much.

Be open and honest with your budget. A good planner can work with all budgets to bring visions to life, but if everything in your wedding planner’s portfolio is way out of your budget, it will be difficult for them to deliver the same results as the photos you eyeing up! Likewise they may struggle finding the right suppliers within budget for you.

The key to any decision is whether you feel comfortable and have a connection with your chosen wedding planner.

On every occasion I have found a friend in my clients and I think this has to be the best part of my job! If they are not the right fit for you then that’s ok as well and that works both ways.

If you’d like to chat further then please do get in contact. I will supply the coffee and cake if you’re lucky!


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