Different Marquee Styles

Planning a Wedding in Surrey – which style?

I have planned countless marquee weddings in Surrey and Sussex and have a real passion for this style of event. Most of my weddings tend to be young professional couples holding their reception in the grounds of a family property.

With a marquee wedding you are literally building your event from the ground up. There’s no venue coordinator onsite for guidance and that’s where an experienced wedding planner steps in. I use my knowledge and experience to guide you, while working with your ideas.

First things first, you’ll need to establish the type of tent/marquee that will suit your event. Below I’ve outlined the different structures available for a marquee wedding.

Many of the couples I work with would like a wedding in Surrey whether this is in a marquee at their family home or perhaps an exclusive venue where they can create their perfect day. We are so lucky with weddings in Surrey and Sussex as there are so many choices for couples wanting to create that personal, exclusive wedding.


Tipis, also known as Kåtas, originate from Sweden and they’re incredibly durable because they’re designed to withstand the elements year-round. The sides of the Giant Hat Tipis can be raised in the summer to admire panoramic views. Create a cosy atmosphere in winter with the sides down, firepits, twinkly lighting and reindeer hides. Smaller tipis, known as Kungsörnens are perfect for a cosy, intimate bar area and add a unique space when joined to a series of larger Giant Hat Tipis.

Classic Marquee – clear span

Clear span marquees don’t have interior poles so they offer a versatile, open space with an airy atmosphere. You can have open sides if the weather’s fine, or windows all round to welcome in lots of natural light. You could even opt for some clear roof sections. If you position clear panels above the dancefloor your guests can have the magical experience of dancing under the stars! Just remember with the sun beating down it can become like a greenhouse so it’s best not to position clear panels over your dining area.

Classic Pole Marquee

Traditional pole marquees feature guy ropes, elegant peaked roofs and wooden internal poles. They offer a traditional ‘country fayre’ vibe for a marquee wedding. Internal poles are often dressed with flowers or foliage. This kind of structure can only be used on grass.

Stretch Tent

Created in South Africa, stretch tents are lightweight structures that create a modern indoor/outdoor experience for a marquee wedding. They are versatile and can be erected on hard or uneven ground. Look at Tentstyle for examples.

Pearl Tent

Pearl Tents are based on a Moghul design and they feature a double roof section which makes them stand taller than other marquees. They have a flat white interior, traditional rope detailing and a heavy-duty canvas exterior.

The Pearl Tent Company offer tents with a modular design that can be configured in different ways, for example with extension areas on the sides, or a veranda at the front. The pyramid top provides a luxurious light and airy atmosphere for a marquee wedding.

Sperry Tent

Sperry or Sailcloth tents are examples of fine American craftsmanship. Designed for fancy events at the Hamptons, or Palm Beach, the canopies of these handsome tents are made from genuine sailcloth. The interior is made up of wooden hand-milled poles which gives a vintage feel (like the traditional pole tent). The high roof offers a luxurious, open feeling and the vintage banner flags look great in photos. Papakata are one of the leading providers of Sperry Tents for marquee weddings in the UK.

Once you’ve established the style of marquee then you need to consider the floor type. I would recommend you opt for a wooden floor with a covering to provides a solid, even surface.

The beauty of marquee weddings is that you can incorporate a garden feature into the space; water feature, tree or landscaped flower bed for example. This creates a stunning feature and can help break up a large space.

I hope you’ve found this information useful. I specialise in marquee weddings in Surrey and Sussex so I can guide you through everything from wet weather plans to the practicalities of toilets, generators, catering tents, parking, lighting etc.

Please contact me to arrange a consultation.

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