What to Wear to A Wedding as a Guest

Styled By Susie Shares Some Great Tips on What to Wear (or not!) Susie (and no, I don’t mean me!) has been a great resource to me over the years and I am a big fan of hers. I have been lucky to experience the ‘Styled By Susie’ shopping experience including outfits for weddings as…

Paul Underwood

A Wedding Planners Guide to Toasts and Speeches

A simple guide… Giving speeches at weddings is a tradition that dates back centuries. Traditionally given by the father of the bride, the groom and the best man, the purposes of speeches are to entertain, give thanks and provide a back story. The speeches offer a break in the format of the wedding day and…


Different Marquee Styles

Planning a Wedding in Surrey – which style? I have planned countless marquee weddings in Surrey and Sussex and have a real passion for this style of event. Most of my weddings tend to be young professional couples holding their reception in the grounds of a family property. With a marquee wedding you are literally…


Planning a Wedding in Surrey – An Essential Guide

Planning a Wedding in Surrey – My Top Tips Although engagements happen at special occasions and dates throughout the year, it seems many celebrated an engagement over the holiday season. A big congrats to each and every one of you from me! There also seems to be lots of couples this year who perhaps have…


Planning a Marquee Wedding at Home

My Expert Help on Planning a Marquee Wedding at Home One of my favourite venues has to be a planning a marquee wedding at your family home. This is often when the couple perhaps live in London but have their family home in Surrey or Sussex. Hosting a wedding reception at home for over 100…


Luxe Bride Digital School – Behind the Scenes

Let Me Tell You a Little More About Luxe Bride This relationship started some time ago when I met Emma of Miss Bush as we found we have had mutual customers and I used The Chapel for my promotional video.  Miss Bush are not only my go to luxury bridal boutique; the team are just…


How to Stay Sane Whilst Planning Your Wedding

When Wedding Planning Isn’t All You Imagined So often we are all given the image that wedding planning is all happy, fun with plenty of sipping champagne and choosing your favourite blooms. Well, let me tell you something…take a moment to take a step back and take a reality check. While planning a wedding is…


Rural Sussex Wedding Mixed with a Caribbean Vibe

Rural Sussex Wedding Mixed with a Caribbean Vibe What a way to finish my 2018 wedding season with a beautifully, laid back and fun vibe at the wedding of Asher and Simon at Chapel Barn, West Sussex. Asher and Simon first approached me just over a year before the wedding date, they had booked the…


Autumn Wedding Planning – Creating the Perfect Style

How to Create a Perfect Autumn Wedding I love autumn and the colours and vibe it brings. The choice of flowers are overwhelming but it is a great excuse to step outside the box and move away from the pastel shades that we so often see in Spring and Summer weddings. Last Autumn I had…

wedding planner

How to Choose the Right Wedding Planner

A Guide on How to Choose a Wedding Planner  When choosing a wedding planner there are a number of things to consider and this one really is my top tip – when meeting with your wedding planner, are you comfortable with spending the next six, twelve or eighteen months talking to this person most days?…

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