Why Hire a Wedding Planner?

Why hire a wedding planner? Wedding planners are no longer just for couples with unlimited budgets, now more and more couples are opting to hire wedding planners to take the stress away on their big day.

You may have a demanding job that leaves little time for wedding plans, you may be getting married in a different location to where you live, or you may just feel a little overwhelmed by it all! They are becoming increasingly popular for venues where you simply ‘dry hire’ and have to source and put together every aspect of your day.

Wedding planners can be as involved as you want them to be during the planning process, it is your day after all, and the final decisions are always yours! In the lead up to the big day, wedding planners will create timelines to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day. From the grandest plans to the smallest detail, they will assist you in choosing the right suppliers based on your personal style and budget assisting in any contracts or logistics that you may need.

On the day they will be there to ensure your event runs on time and smoothly, coordinating suppliers, last minute finer details on the tables, lighting candles, making sure everything looks as perfect as you imagined. Assisting in gathering guests for photos, calming your nerves, checking flowers, food and everything in between is exactly as you ordered, assisting guests with any questions, and making sure the party is a success!

A professional wedding planner is not as expensive as you may think. We offer various packages to suit every wedding budget. In most cases your planner can get discounts from suppliers ensuring you are getting the best possible price. And don’t forget every supplier will have been vetted and credentials checked ensuring they are professional.

We always meet for a free consultation and this is a must when wanting to hire a planner. Personality is a huge part of being a wedding planner. They will be privy to personal and confidential issues so they have to be someone you trust. Prepare a list of questions to ask them to check their experience and suitability.

Things to ask your wedding planner…

  • How long they have been in business?
  • How many weddings they have organised. Can they provide references?
  • How do they charge, hourly, fixed fee or % of your wedding budget? Do you feel comfortable with this?
  • Do they accept commission from suppliers is it passed on to the client?
  • Ensure they have public liability insurance.
  • Do they have a portfolio for you to look at?

Image Credit – Hayley Rose Photography

Venue – Grittenham Barn


Don’t forget to use your planner as an inspirational source, family mediator and financial advisor. It is important to keep your planner informed of any changes in order for them to organise your wedding proficiently.