Signature Cocktails

One easy way to enhance your wedding reception and quench your guests’ thirst? A good mixed drink—especially one personalised to you and your partner’s tastes. These super-fun (and super-delicious) signature drink recipes are guaranteed to be a hit on your big day . Go for cocktails with your favourite spirit, or search for mixers that complement your wedding colours. Choose one or two as custom cocktails for your reception, or offer guests a variety of creative cocktails all weekend long. Remember to also offer a non-alcoholic, also known as a ‘mocktail’ option. You can even serve them in fabulous glasses to add real detail and character to the day!

You’ve already put so much thought into the details of your wedding — from your dress to your flowers to your entertainment — so don’t let the bar become an afterthought. Keep the beer and wine flowing, but when it comes to making a real “just married” statement, it’s all about the signature cocktail. With clever names and seasonal flavours, there are so many cocktail recipes that might just be the personal touch you and your partner have been looking for.

If you’re hosting summer nuptials, think about using seasonal fruit like watermelon in your cocktails. Something like a  strawberry-watermelon combo, healthy splash of vodka and hints of basil, ginger and lime.


If you’re not into blue garters and jewellery for your ‘something blue’ make it about your drink instead. A great twist on a classic mojito is fruity from fresh blueberries and just as refreshing as the minty classic.


With so many DIY options available, have you considered a DIY bar set up for your signature cocktail? Gone are the ‘Beer Barrows’ or ‘Pimms Bars’ move over as we have some great alternative ideas! What better way to ensure your guests enjoy your wedding drinks than allowing guests to create them? Setting up a champagne or mimosa bar with a variety of mixing options and lots of garnish can be a cost effective and fun way to make sure everyone gets a little bit of what they love.

Image Credit – Wedbites